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Email or call to schedule an appointment or simply to learn more about how you can achieve balance, maintain optimal health, or enhance your natural fertility. You can speak with one of our Acupuncturists by calling our office at 206.706.3916.

What do we specialize in
Initial visit
Follow-Up Visit
Intake Forms
Day of Transfer/Retrieval (SRM)

Our Specialties
Our practice has a special emphasis on Reproductive Medicine. We work closely with the Doctors at Seattle Reproductive Medicine to support patients who wish to enhance their success with ART. In that capacity we treat on-site at SRM as well as at our own clinic in Ballard, 7 days a week.

Seattle Family Acupuncture also provides the full scope of Family Medicine to our patients, from wellness and balancing treatments, to post-pregnancy care to orthopedics.

Initial Visit
Please allow about 1 ½ hours for your initial appointment. The experience is meant to be relaxing, so wear comfortable clothes if possible.

Follow-up Visit
Follow-up appointments typically last 30 to 45 minutes.

Day of Transfer or Retrieval (SRM)
We will coordinate your Acupuncture session with your schedule with your Doctor. Typically, we will start Acupuncture an hour before your transfer or retrieval. Your Acupuncture will conclude in time for us to escort you to your appointment. During Acupuncture you will have time to sip water if that has been recommended by your Doctor. For your enjoyment you can bring an iPod and listen to music during your treatment, which will be very relaxing.

Intake Forms
When you schedule your first visit we will send you an intake form. Prior to your appointment, please fill out the form and bring it with you. The information you provide helps us understand your health history and will be kept confidential.

Insurance billing is not currently accepted at Seattle Family Acupuncture. Super-bills may be issued to interested clients, which can be submitted to insurance carriers for reimbursement. Typically, a PPO reimburses 80% of the cost of the visit using a super-bill.

More Questions?
If you have more questions please let us know.

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